There are lots of questions that arise when doing research for a new website. Here are some questions Bear Web Design has been asked by prospective clients and associates...

Frequently Asked Questions:

What research can I do to establish what type of website I want? - Click Here
What is the maximum number of pages for the website? - Click Here
Where does content come from when we develop my website? - Click Here
Can I update my website anytime I want? - Click Here
Does the website come with an email address included? - Click Here
Does Bear Web Design provide hosting and web management? - Click Here
Do I make updates to the website or does Bear Web Design do that? - Click Here
Can Bear Web Design design and develop and then we choose our own hosting? - Click Here
Can Bear Web Design help me to register a domain name? - Click Here
What Industries does Bear Web Design specialize in? - Click Here
What is the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer? - Click Here
Can the Web Designer and the Web Developer be the same person? - Click Here
What is the difference between Bear Web Design & Registrar/Host Companies - Click Here
What types of web systems does Bear Web Design use in web developments? - Click Here

What research can I do to establish what type of website I want?

A great method for website research is to look at competitors websites and also similiar industry type websites.  Establish what you like about these sites, or what you don't like. Make sure you spend a reasonable amount of time on each site and go beyond the look of the site to establish what information and functions the site is offering. This research greatly narrows down the web developments research time and also gives you are great starting point for design.

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Does Bear Web Design provide Hosting and Web Management?

Yes we provide web hosting and management.  Although Bear Web Design primarily specializes in web design and development, we have been hosting and managing client sites since our company's inception in 2000. It has been one of Bear Web Design's best business decisions for both the client and Bear Web Design to provide hosting and management.

At Bear Web Design we know that the success of a company's website begins with design and development and continues with hosting and management. This may also include training and education. They are all key ingredients for a successful website. We have also learnt more about our clients' needs by hosting and managing them as well as development concepts that may not be that obvious when you simply develop a website (and are not involved in the operations of the website).

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Can we choose to have Bear Web Design design and develop and then we choose our own hosting?

Yes - We have developed websites for clients that for various reasons have needed to host the site elsewhere. We will identify any issues there may be in this scenario to a client during our proposal phase, and we emphasize to the client the need to focus on their statistics and management of their site with their host. We can also provide some support in this area, however if we are responsible for the full management of the website then we would prefer to manage it in our hosting environment where we are most expertised.

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Can Bear Web Design help me with registering a domain name?

Yes we register domain names as part of client services. We register domain names for clients on a very consistent basis. Currently we manage over 400 client domain names. We provide domain name strategy, helping the client establish the best name for them.  We then register the domain name for them, then route the domain name to the hosting website, manage the owner contact information and ensure that their very important domain name is secure. We use domain names for clients' primary websites, subdomains and for driving additional traffic to their site. Domain names are a critical piece of website success and just as Bear Web Design chooses to do hosting and management, we provide services for this very important area.

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What Industries does Bear Web Design specialize in?

Bear Web Design has developed over 75 websites since 2000 in the areas of business, retail & travel, real estate, online shops, music, arts & culture, non-profit, sports & events, family & social websites and custom applications for clients. We have a strong background in business analysis which allows us to establish a strong understanding of each clients' business models before we commence developing their website. 

Although we develop more websites in some business areas than others, we are not experts in any one particular business area. Our clients are experts in their industries and we collaborate with our clients to produce a succesful outcome. Our expertise is in designing and developing websites.

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What is the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer?

A Web Designer designs the graphical layout of the website. This includes conceptulizing the sites layout and includes the home page design, secondary pages, menus, website colors and fonts, special graphic features. The web designer is ultimately responsible for the graphical look of the website.

A Web Developer will take the graphical design of the website and implement it into computer coding that will operate the website. This includes adding all the site content, site images and menus, graphic standards, as well as any additional custom programs that will be used in the website. They are ultimately responsible for delivering a fully functioning website.

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Can the Web Designer and the Web Developer be the same person?

Yes - but it is an usual skillset combination.

The Web Designer is first and foremost a graphic designer, and the look website is dependant on the designers' abilities to produce the graphic layout that reflects the company's brand and marketing aims. The graphic designer is bound by the developers limitations but in general their job is to make the website look great!

The Web Developer is first and foremost a computer programmer. Their job is to implement the operational website which includes setting up the hosting location and then installing the applications that will be used for the development (such as the CMS System). The developer then implements the graphic templates into the the website, adds menus, images, and content and makes appropriate programming changes required to customize your website and ensure that your website is fully functioning.

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What is the difference between Bear Web Design and Registrars & Hosting Companies?

Bear Web Design designs and develops custom websites based on the clients business and marketing models, their target demographics and desired outcomes. We collaborate with the client to produce a succesful website and then we work with the client in hosting and managing the website. We focus on the branding of the client in their respective industry. We have a long term view of our relationship with the client which includes client education and training.

Registrars & Hosting Companies have pre-developed templates that allow a client to select pre-existing themes and colors, images, fonts for their website. The templates are astetically attractive but are not custom to the client and thus not branding focused. Quite often the software that runs the templates are limited in terms of their functionality or customization ability. Their websites are often less expensive than a custom developed website. They usually offer customization for additional cost, but often you are not getting the business model analysis and focus that you get when you choose to develop a custom website with a company like Bear Web Design.

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What types of web systems does Bear Web Design use in web developments?

Bear Web Design uses opensource systems that allow us to provide our clients with state of the art technology at an incredibly affordable price. Opensource is software developed under a set of principles and with the source code being made available to users. Bear Web Design specializes in MySQL & PHP, which is the most popular opensource database and language in the world. We currently have expertise in the following opensource systems:

  • JOOMLA (Content Management System)
  • PHPList (e-NEWS System)
  • Gallery2 (Online Photo Gallery)
  • JEvents (Online Calendar)

Opensource systems are free to use as part of the opensource community. Bear Web Design installs and customizes these opensource systems for each clients' website and also provides upgrades from time to time. These opensource systems are developed by the best programmers/web developers in the world and are constantly being updated in a simillar fashion to how windows products were developed in the 1990's, with new versions coming out periodically.

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Does the site come with an email address included?

All our websites that we host come with e-mail accounts (all with your domain name address). These accounts range from forwarding accounts to POP accounts, and we have various size accounts pending your organizations e-mail requirements. We ALWAYS recommend that the client use their brand e-mail (their website e-mail) versus an Internet Provider such as Bellsouth or Comcast. It is a sign of professionalism to use your organizations e-mail and generally it is much easier for your clients to communicate to you thru this method.

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What is the maximum number of pages for the site?

The number of pages on your website is not limited by technology as much as by the purpose and aim of your website and the behavior of web users. Your website should have content that promotes your brands and images, and provide key and important information about your company's goods and services. Most website visitors will go to your website for a purpose (and you should identify your primary demographic when designing the website), so adding pages that are not relevant to your business (or are very general) may not give you the best results. Your number of pages should be dictated by your business and marketing models.

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Can I update my website anytime I want?

Absolutely - you will be able to update your website thru a web-browser (from your office, from your home , from your holidays , where ever you can get to the internet you can update your website).

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Where does content come from when we develop my website?

The client is responsible for supplying content for their website. However quite often the client will need guidance and assistance in establishing the correct content for their website. We collaborate with the client in this area, making recommendations and helping the client find suitable online resources. It is very important that your website reflects information about (and from) your company. Copying content from another website will not be as effective as your own content. Professional design really shows off the client’s brands and images and content showcases the client expertise, so we work with a client to ensure their content best represents them.

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Do rotating images on the website cost more?

The actual key to good rotating images are the images themselves. The technology to make them rotate is very standard and is available on all our clients websites.  So to ensure a very professional representation you must have good photographs. Bear Web Design has a proficient photographer on staff that can provide photography services for clients that require help in this area.  We are working more and more with clients on their photography, as good images are paramount for a good website.  Also having “real” photos versus “stock” photos can really help set your site apart from the competition.

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Do I make updates or would you do that?

We provide a training session (around 2 hours) we when go live with your website and you are trained on updating your website. We provide a user manual and step thru the areas we need to update. We then take the role of supporting you (and developing your skills in managing your content). However we will always be a back up for the client in updating their website.  Accordingly you will be the primary web content manager and we will support you.

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