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You Now Have 2 Primary Digital Assets!

Google My Business with Bear Web Design Google My Business - Driving Traffic to your website!

Just about every company and organization today has a website. Pending how long you have been in business you may have had a company website for 10 plus years. That website has probably been thru several redesigns and upgrades while remaining a constant primary marketing tool and/or e-commerce vehicle for your company.

Today’s websites are vibrant & colorful, content rich and action driven as well as mobile responsive. Just about every client’s website we manage and host (around 125 websites today) has seen a minimum of 10% traffic growth each year. If the company invests resources in the website such as blogs and social media marketing those traffic increases can be a lot higher. And the best part about your website is that you own it and you have full control and it is a tremendous asset to your business.

Over the last 12-24 months a new digital asset for your company has been quietly falling into place and it is already having a tremendous impact on most of our clients. The product is called Google My Business (GMB) and it is basically part of your primary digital profile that you see when you google your company name (on the left is website and social media links and google my business is to the right).  By modest estimates the traffic that goes to your Google My Business (GMB) page is approximately 5-10 times the amount of traffic your website received. And the numbers for some of our clients are in the thousands.  So if your website receives 1,000 visitors then it is possible that your Google My Business page could receive 10,000 visitors (that’s right – lots and lots of potential customer traffic).

The way this works is when a person searches google for a company, product or service your GMB page may come up as one the options a searcher can choose to visit.  Your GBM page has the following features to help entice a searching prospect to your business when they land on your GMB page:

  • Photos & Videos of your business (Including Business Location)
  • Map Location including directions to your office
  • Hours of operation including a clarification that “You Business is Open or Closed”
  • Google Reviews of your business
  • Business Address including phone number (used often with mobile devices)
  • Link to Website
  • Introduction to your business
  • Google Posts (stories or events you can post about your business)

When you consider the amount of traffic that is landing on your GMB page it is now imperative that your Google My Business Page looks great and is absolute accurate with information. Between 2017-2018 Bear Web Design commenced managing our Clients Google My Business Pages. This ranged from claiming the GMB pages and basic level management (setup, updates and monitoring) to full blown execution of marketing plans that included periodical google posts and photo and content updates as well as traffic reporting.  

In 2019 we will continue to provide these management services for Google My Business that are now having such a big impact on our clients. Google continually improves this product and we have no doubt that trend will continue for many years to come and we are committed to being experts in managing this area for our clients!

Be sure to contact Bear Web Design if you have any questions about your Google My Business and of course if you need some help!

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