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Need Help with Wordpress?

do you need help with Wordpress? do you need help with Wordpress?

Have you heard about wordpress? You may be considering it for your new website. You may need a website; you know how important it is, you just “don’t have the time”.

What is Wordpress and how can it help you?

Wordpress is a dynamic, world-class Content Management System (CMS) versatile enough to handle personal blogs, complex e-commerce shops, mobile applications, beautiful portfolios and more with outstanding ease of use and learnability.

Wordpress powers about 30% of the top 10 Million websites - think TheWaltDisneyCompany.com and KatyPerry.com.

What does this mean for you? Because of its popularity, wordpress works hard to continuously improve its product. It’s responsive. It has built-in GDPR compliance tools. It is constantly making content management more intuitive even while improving web accessibility by focusing on removing accessibility barriers for people with disabilities.

WP helps you manage your media library by automatically resizing images and preparing them for use in different applications. This means that with minimal preparation on your part your images will always look good and your customers won't have to wait on the site to load an oversized image.The results? Improved SEO and user experience. And who doesn’t need to improve their Search Engine Results?

The range of options available via thousands of plugins, themes, widgets and various media applications for different functionalities and looks for your website is unlimited.

Here are a few examples of some of the recent work we have done in Wordpress:

So, do you need help with your Wordpress site? Do you need a new Wordpress site? The Bear Team is easy to work with and we have creative ideas and knowledge to help your ideas reach fruition. We also offer custom training to help you understand and use your new website. Contact us today!

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What is GDPR?

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