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Web Designer & Developer Jennifer Folsom has a Bachelor of Science degree in intercultural communications from Middle Tennessee State University. She uses media to gain customers, create community, strengthen branding, and online presence for businesses. Her strong networking and collaborative spirit serves to tackle challenging projects that span individual skills, helping ideas reach fruition. Constantly seeking out new skills and tools to help businesses and individuals thrive, Jennifer has always been a natural educator, helping others grow their capabilities no matter what stage of the process they are in.
Do You Need Help With Wordpress's Gutenburg Block Editor

Do You Need Help With WordPress’s Gutenburg Block Editor?

If you don’t update your website regularly and have recently updated to a version of WordPress that uses the new Block Editor, nicknamed “Gutenberg”, as the default editor, chances are you are both excited about the update and learning the new layout, features, and functionality of this powerful editor.

Gutenburg Replaces Classic Editor with powerful, drag-and-drop tools

As WordPress moved Gutenberg through months and months of iterations in preparation for creating a new default editor, there have been dozens and dozens of changes resulting in an editor that employs a set of user-friendly, powerful drag-and-drop tools.

New features include more intuitive interactions, an increase in design control (from the editor), new layout options, and style variations that allow you to design around your content while creating it! High res photos are automatically processed to look great and respond across a variety of screens. Users can now edit existing and create new pages from your smartphone, significantly simplifying the content creation process: find inspiration, take a picture, upload it to your site, write about it, add social buttons, and publish. Boom! You just completed what can sometimes feel like drudgery – you just created new content!

New Themes Now Designed for Gutenberg Usage

A new theme was introduced at the beginning of 2020, (which seems like ages ago), called, appropriately enough, Twentytwenty, and is designed for use with the block editor and offers a more flexible theme. There are also tons of new and updated plugins for adding even more functionality and varieties of blocks.

This all sounds great, right? What all should be considered when moving from one theme to another? What should be considered when updating from the classic editor to the new block editor? Can existing pages be modified with the new editor? What if you like your current theme, but need to update to the latest version of WordPress?

Bear Web Design Can Help With WordPress & Gutenberg

Let Bear Web Design help you with navigating updates on your site. Whether you need a new theme and site makeover or you’re just looking to stay on top of updates and need a little help learning the ins and outs of the new environment, we can help. Contact us or call us at 615 504-6845 and lets talk about your needs. We’re here to help you look your best online.


WordPress Gutenberg & The Classic Editor

The new block editor, also known as Gutenberg, stands to change the way you create and update content on your WordPress site.

It’s likely you have experienced the classic WordPress editor. You might use it to post a blog, for instance. It’s also likely that you had to look up how to complete complex tasks like style changes, adding buttons or changing the background color. (You may have also asked your friendly agency for assistance.)

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Web Accessibility

We all visit websites for similar reasons regardless of the technology we use to interact with it. A person who is visually impaired will use a bank’s website to pay a bill with the same intent as someone who doesn’t use assistive technology. A person using their mobile device requires the same functionality of someone using their desktop. Just as a good site design will have considered the requirements of different screens, good site design needs to consider a variety of users’ needs and accessibility issues. This is called Web Accessibility.

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Welcome To Code Club for Girls!

Over the last few months I have been working with the Watertown Wilson County Public Library to launch an after school coding club called “Watertown Impact”. Every Wednesday, 7 young women, 6th through 12th grade, spend their afternoons learning to code.

The students come from different backgrounds, and utilize their different learning styles and problem solving skills to create something entirely new. They are quickly realizing that enthusiasm, hard work, curiosity and risk taking are essential to learning standard web languages as well as structural and presentational aspects of web design. And they’re usually laughing the whole time. They are becoming digital creatives, and it is wonderful to witness their originality and curiosity.

Already, they are putting their burgeoning coding skills to work for Wilson County by creating a website to promote the use and maintenance of the county’s new Little Free Libraries, a project organized by United Way of Wilson County to promote reading, strengthen community and inspire creativity. The site will feature pictures of the new Little Free Libraries, a map of library locations, and information on use, donations and the sponsors of the libraries.

This project requires peer-to-peer in addition to student-to-mentor relationships that extend beyond the local and into the world-wide coding community. Students will have the opportunity to publish their code in online repositories and receive input from others in the industry from around the world. They will visit local agencies, too, for some hands-on experiences of the local programming scene. Connections between industry and students opens possibilities and opportunities for kids and their futures and that’s something we’re very proud to facilitate.

Be sure to read the bios of these fledgling coders, once their new site is live. Their enthusiasm for learning, experimenting and having fun is contagious. They know that anything is possible.


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